Auner, Joseph, 1959-

Collection, 1991-1994: 1 folder (3 leaves), 1 book.

Joseph Henry Auner – Assistant Professor of Music, State University of New York at Stonybrook, is a Schoenberg scholar who has published papers about Die glückliche Hand, the Monn and Handel Concertos, and Schoenberg's activities in Berlin prior to World War II.


book (1 item: 1991)--Auner, Joseph Henry. Schoenberg's Compositional and Aesthetic Transformations 1910-1913: The Genesis of Die Glückliche Hand. Thesis (Ph.D.): University of Chicago, 1991.
program (1 item: 1994)--"Stil oder Gedanke? Die Schönberg-Nachfolge in Europa und Amerika." Projectwoche 1994, Musikhochschule des Saarlandes, 28. Juni - 02. Juli 1994.